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Find out what your peers are thinking, or learn about them & their passions as we chat with them either face to face, via Skype or phone. 'Vets Talk!...' is very different to Vet Speak which is for pet owners wanting to decipher what it is vets are really saying.

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Connecting Paws - June 2016 Highlights

Connecting Paws - June 2016 Highlights

A very quick look at the events on the night at the inaugural 2016 'Connecting Paws' charity event creating awareness about depression, compassion fatigue & suicide in the veterinary and farming sectors.

But What About The Patient!?

Dr James Harris - What About The Patient!!

Is the problem the 'female boxer, spayed with chronic cough'? Or is the problem the family that can't get a good nights sleep because the dog sleeps inside and is coughing all night? What are vets really solving?


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