“90% of callers who hear silence, music or a radio station
while on-hold... will hang up after just 40 seconds

BRW Magazine

The same BRW Magazine article said that callers presented with good quality relevant information will wait an average of 3 minutes or more.

What We Do...

Do you want to feel confident YOUR on-hold messages are conveying the right first impression to clients? Do the choice of words and phrases callers hear clearly convey you’re a highly professional vet practice and does the tone of voice reassure them that everyone on your team cares about them and their pet’s problem?

VETtalk On-Hold
 helps independent & privately owned veterinary practices stand out from the crowd, with regularly updated personalised bespoke messages, created by communication professionals who have provided on-hold, video and podcast services exclusively to the veterinary sector for almost twenty years and who really understand the needs of both vet practice owners and pet owners.


Your clients trust you – you can trust us – we’re the soul of discretion – points of difference between you and your competitors will be found and emphasised but never shared. A potential or current client calling around practices in their region will not hear the same message. Ever.

We speak the same language

When someone calls a vet – they know they’re probably going to be placed on hold - this waiting time can make or break things. They want to hear voices which are calming, authoritative, reassuring, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
When you call a business which provides medical care – for pets or humans – the last thing you want to hear is elevator music and a disengaged voice mouthing platitudes.

Clear communication
You provide the information and we create conversational scripts about your services, your team, any areas of special interest, current promotions etc. in a manner which will resonate with callers and help them remember the important information they’re hearing while waiting.

Unlimited updates
These are included as part of the service with most practices choosing to update at the start of the warmer and colder times of the year.

Reminders and suggestions
You’ll be reminded in a timely manner when it’s time to update and provided with suggestions for new messages, based on your location, known events such as Dental month and/or the known preferences of your clients.

Seamless delivery
Draft messages are emailed for approval before being recorded and put through the post-production application of music.  Finished updates are uploaded to our website for each client to download their personalised service.  Simple fast and easy.

No music royalty fees
APRA and ACMA collect royalty fees for any music played on phones with hefty fines handed out to those simply playing their own music library or local radio station.  All VETtalk On-Hold music has been purchased and royalty fees paid.

The majority of callers to your practice will be worried about their pet.  VETtalk On-Hold scripts are spoken in a warm, caring and reassuring manner to reflect how the caller and their pet will be cared for in your practice.

More time to carry out daily veterinary services and less waste of time trying to work out what to say and how best to say it on the on-hold service – we do that for you.

Callers will be subtly reminded of the benefits of using more of  your services on a regular basis and the specific time frames they should be utilising for their pet’s best well-being.

Generic on-hold message providers utilise standardised templates to pump out similar sounding scripts across any and all industries which don’t take into account the emotions and concerns being experienced by a pet parent calling a vet clinic. 

The team at VETtalk On-Hold do. They’re long-time pet owners, experienced dog trainers and have interviewed or videoed countless vets and vet nurses in the creation of an educational radio show and online podcasts and videos across the gamut of veterinary medicine. 

Everyone likes to feel valued, that they’re receiving value for money and that their time is just as valuable as yours… which makes scripts about the practice’s use of high-tech equipment just like that used in human hospitals to treat their pet but without Medicare picking up most of the cost helps owners prepare for the treatment’s cost.

Pets On Hold - Totally Personalised Pets On Hold - NO CONTRACTS Pets On Hold - NO FAKE RADIO VOICES Pets On Hold - NO TEMPLATES

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