Every day, all over the country, veterinary teams rely on donated blood to save critically injured or diseased pets. The challenge can sometimes be, 'not having enough'.

Bec CharterisAbout 6 years ago Vet Nurse Rebecca Charteris saw this never ending need and was spurred into action creating what is now known as the The Australian Animal Blood Bank, and it has a rapidly rising number of volunteers not just ok about donating – but eager to do so.

Apart from knowing your dog will probably be saving lives, there are other benefits for donors too - free Bravecto product to control Paralysis Ticks and Fleas, plus free annual tests which would normally cost around $400 dollars, testing for organ function, infectious diseases and any other health issues.

One of the major benefits is the fact that if your dog should ever need it, they’ll receive back the amount of blood already donated.

Bec tells us she sees the Australian Animal Blood Bank team travelling to practices all over Sydney to meet new donors and their families and to expand their service providing Plasma and red blood cells…

As she says "we really want this whole idea to flourish. For every product we sell the money goes straight back into the blood bank to make it bigger and better, to have more resources, more staff, to do what we do, multiplied to help more patients."

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