Zoe the Labrador has an amazing story to tell... So much so she wrote a wonderful 'thank-you' letter to the Emergency Team at Animal Referral Hospital.... who literally saved her life on Christmas Day! 

Watch a short re-cap of her story then read her letter below!

TO: Dr Barbara Lindsay & the ARH Emergency Team

FROM:  Zoe The Labrador (Remember me?)

Hi Barbara,

Thought I would write to you and give you an update on my progress.

Zoe & MaritaBefore I start, I would just like to thank you and the other guys at ARH for the great care you gave me over the Christmas/New Year period- I don't remember a lot of it, but mum does frequently remind me that if it wasn't for you guys I would no longer be here.

So after I left ARH I headed with the rest of my family down the South Coast for a week. Not that I saw the beach at all.

I mainly hung around the house and went out for a bit of a walk around the vacant block next door. I wasn't really up to much else.

But I did enjoy my chicken and rice meals twice a day. Mum has started to get me back onto my old food that I get from my Melbourne vet Bill, but I still do enjoy my chicken and rice so I hope it keeps going for a while yet.

Mum tells me it is free range RSPCA approved, but we all know that I don't really care about that and that I would eat anything!!

Back in Melbourne now. Starting to build the muscles again and doing a bit more walking- not too much as I do find that I get a bit tired if I do too much.

If it was left up to me, I would just take off, but mum insists on me staying on the lead and just walking around a couple of nearby parks- only takes about 15 minutes. 

Zoe relaxingYesterday she gave me a go at being off the lead for a bit when we went up to Yarra Park - the park around the MCG where people had parked the night before for the tennis.

I immediately ran off to investigate the paper bags and boxes of  left-over food that had been left around.

Mum came running after me, pretty cross, and put me back on the lead. She was saying something about me never learning and that I would be the death of her. I didn't get it!!

We all know that I am a ratbag and a garbage guts and that is not likely to change. But I am also very sweet, I do love my family and I don't like to upset them.

Mum did try to put a muzzle on me to try to stop me eating garbage when I went out. I tried really hard to get it off and so skinned my nose and I have a big blister on the top of my nose. So at least I don't have a muzzle on at the moment. 

I'm just about finished all my tablets. I won't want them to finish, as I rather like the melted cheese that I get with them. But Thankyou ARH - You saved my life!I guess that means that I must be getting better.

I seem to have more energy and am playing more with my two human brothers, Matt and Mark, as well as their partners, Sar and Elena.

They are great fun, and it is good to play with our toys together as well as to cuddle up on the lounge together-

I'm allowed to get up in the evening when others are there, but I do sneak up during the day when the others are out. Don't tell them, because I make sure I'm back in my bed when I hear anyone come home.

I don't think that my mum would be happy if I came back to the hospital to visit you when we come back to Sydney.  But you guys do great work and I hope you don't have too many naughty pups who are as challenging as me.

I would like to say that I will be good but it is just that I really like food - I'm blaming my genes- humans blame their genes for all of their problem behaviour so why can't I !!

Anyway a big BIG thank you and I hope I can go for a walk with you maybe next Christmas.

I'll try my best to be a good girl :-)

Lots of love to all of you...

Zoe - the naughty but loveable dog!

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