Wouldn't it be cool if animals, horses in particular could talk like TV's 'Mr Ed' or 'Dr Doolittle'?  Turns out horses ARE trying to communicate with their very mobile faces…we just didn't know how to read them…until now.

Equine Veterinarian Dr Karina Bech Gleerup's face lights up when she talks about her 'Equine Pain Face' project. According to her, anyone can be taught in just 25 minutes how to 'read' a horse's face and know not only if they're in pain, but how much pain.

It's a breakthrough for horse-lovers all round the world…and all the more remarkable because what started as a Phd study funded by the University of Copenhagen (Department of Large Animal Sciences) is now one of THE most down-loaded charts on the Internet. (see below for link)

The modest Dr Karina assures us she could never have done this without her brilliant supervisory team:
Professor of Large Animal Surgery Pia Haubro Andersen (Swedish Agricultural University)
Professor in ethology (animal behaviour) Björn Forkman (University of Copenhagen)
European Specialist in Large Animal Surgery Casper Lindegaard (Evidensia Equine Specialist Hospital, Helsingborg, Sweden). 

Looks like a great team effort!

More reading: 
Dr Karina Gleerup's Research Paper 'An Equine Pain Face'  

Original article in Horses & People Magazine - Incl. downloadable Equine Pain Face poster


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