Our veterinarians and vet nurses are pretty special people that's for sure.

They love all animals as much as we do if not more sometimes which is probably why they became a vet in the first place - many have had that dream since they were kids!

But plenty of vets and vet nurses will also be the first to admit they're not always the best at communicating with you the pet owner!

That's one of the reasons we created VETtalk TV.

Sometimes it's just easier to actually SEE something rather than just read about it or look at a few photos.

For instance it's one thing to be shown how to give a cat a tablet - it's another actually doing it - unless of course you have somewhere to come to, to see how it's done all over again... and again... and again if you need to! - Like this website!...

But VETtalk TV is not just a bunch of generic "how to" vet videos - far from it. We have all kinds of stories about animals generally, new discoveries in the world of veterinary science and much much more. A lot of the content we have created ourselves with the help of highly qualified veterinarians and veterinary specialists, and some of it is gathered from sources all over the world - just like many other media outlets now do. 

How To Get Your Vet Involved:
Although you can come to this website and look at any of our stories whenever you want, there's even more for you to see if your vet is involved - stories you most likely won't see here.

That's because you can only see them via a special link your vet sends you either directly or as part of their existing newsletter or reminder emails to their clients.

Here's how it works;
Each month we create veterinary specific video news updates. That means you can watch your favourite vet as they tell you some of their success stories or show you how something should be done... But ONLY if you subscribe to their newsletter!

Of course if you want to see YOUR vet on VETtalk TV, they have to get involved too. Tell 'em it's not expensive. It really isn't!...

And if they're an existing Pets On Hold customer, our personalised vet specific on-hold phone service - or they want to find out how to become one, then even better.

Just tell them all they have to do is get in touch with us either by phone or email - details here.

We hope you enjoy VETtalk TV - and if there's something special you'd like us to look at - just let us know.

The VETtalk TV Team

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