Daisy the Chihuahua's love of fishing with her dad almost cost her her life. She was rushed to the Animal Referral Hospital after swallowing a pre-baited fishing hook...

HOOKED! - Daisy's Delicate OperationDr John Angles, head of the Internal Medicine team attempted to remove the hook with an endoscope but soon realised the sharp barb made it impossible without major damage to the dog's esophagus.

So surgical specialist Dr Sarah Goldsmid was called in on her day off to perform surgery.

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This is the actual operation in full however some repetitive sequences have been edited to reduce the total duration.

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*  00:00 - Dr Sarah describes Daisy's case (Click the middle of the player  below to watch from the start!)
*  01:29 - Explanation of 'midline' incision and reason for this
*  02:03 - Trachea & foreign body revealed with notes on nerve structure etc
*  03:27 - Foreign body revealed and fish hook extracted 
*  05:14 - Dr Sarah discovers a tear inside Daisy's esophagus & explains what would happen if not fixed
*  06:44 - A great explanation of Dr Sarah's suturing technique 
*  08:03 - Additional explanation of suturing techniques 

*  08:46 - Q: "What happens when it drinks water in next 24-48 hours? 
*  11:04 - One Week Later! - Dr's Sarah & John discuss Daisy's case + discharge consult with owner 


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