Rostral Mandibulectomy's are often performed when there are tumors on the front of the lower jaw. As it turns out this lucky Lab's lumps both turned out to be benign.

As surgical specialist Dr Sarah Goldsmid from Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital explains, removing the section of jaw where there's potentially cancerous lumps stops a regrowth, infection or ulceration. 

Rostral Mandibulectomy

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This is the actual operation in full however some repetitive sequences have been edited to reduce the total duration which in this case was well over an hour.

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*  00:00 - Dr Sarah describes Daisy's case (Click the middle of the player below to watch from the start!)
*  02:20 - In surgery - Discussing how they will go about the procedure
*  03:15 - Dr Sarah explains about bleeding and anatomy
*  03:42 - Actual start of cutting the mandibular 
*  04:00 - Dr Sarah reveals the jaw then proceeds to extract the canines - not as easy as it would seem!
*  05:05 - The first canine root revealed
*  06:30 - Preparing the lower lip to 'make him look beautiful' ! 

*  07:13 - Q: "How long until this dog heals?" (asked by camera crew) 
*  07:38 - WOW... Recovery 45minutes later - You will be amazed!


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