Meet the man behind the mask in our 2nd VET-PROFILE with Dr Jacob Michelsen from ARH Canberra.

It's often hard getting vets to 'open up' about themselves - especially when we haven't met them before! But from experience we also know that behind that 'quiet, reserved' exterior is a bubbling fountain of passion, knowledge and dedication to the sole purpose of saving animals' lives. 

Here's what we asked Dr Jacob:
You can watch the chat right here or select a question - opens a new TAB on our YouTube site.

* 00:00 - You grew up in Byron Bay didn't you? (No!

* 00:50 - The big question... Why did you become a vet?"
* 01:28 - Tell us about your passion for minimally invasive Total Hip Replacement
* 02:06 - We understand a paper you presented to the American College of Surgeons was 'well received'?
* 03:09 - Tell us about ARH Canberra
* 03:27 - What message do you have for vet students who aspire to be (say) a specialist like yourself?  

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