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What's Laryngeal Paralysis?

Laryngeal Paralysis
Young Emmy is a much loved 13 year old Labrador who, shortly after being taken out for a walk was struggling to breathe...

But why?... It turns out it was a condition known as laryngeal paralysis so we thought who better to explain the case than ARH Essendon Surgical Specialist Dr Simon Kudnig

Ever Heard of 'Puppy Strangles'?

Puppy Strangles
Ever heard of the term 'Puppy Strangles'?

This type of problem sometimes affects the throat glands in certain dog breeds & horses hence the rather scary sounding name puppy strangles.

Lincoln's Mystery Illness!

Lincoln's Mystery Illness
When your new pup suddenly starts being unable to walk and generally looks unwell, always sleepy and more... what could be wrong?

Rusty's Lung Cancer Fright!

Rusty's Operation - Family Version
Look at that face! Rusty the Spoodle looks pretty happy, full of life and ready to have some fun right? But looks can be deceiving and until recently Rusty was not quite as well as you might think. He was coughing up blood and basically not looking too good!

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